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Conference Centre Overview

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The Cayman Conference Centre offers full meeting, training and theatre facilities. This facility will provide all the following:

Conference Centre Overview Video Conferencing (High-quality) / ISDN (Manta Ray Boardroom only)
Large70”wall mounted flat screen High definition T.V.
Large projection screens
Ceiling mounted projectors
Ceiling mounted speakers
Wireless Internet
Surface mounted power/data connections
Wall mounted writing/display surfaces

The Cayman Conference Centre is ideally positioned in the centre of Grand Cayman’s financial and business district, George Town, and is within walkable distance from many companies and Government Offices.
Conference Centre Overview
Featuring high-quality fixtures, fittings and furnishings, the Cayman Conference Centre has three flexible meeting spaces, totaling 2,434 square feet, with multiple room configurations available.

In addition to the three meeting spaces, the Cayman Conference Centre has a shaded, outdoor courtyard breakout space overlooking the Elizabethan Square fountain, perfectly appointed for coffee breaks and cocktail receptions.

Message from the Managing Director

J. Lemuel Hurlston, CVO, MBE, JP (2017)

The conversion of vacant space into a modern conference centre at Elizabethan Square was completed and the new facility, named the Cayman Conference Centre, has been successfully operated for five years.

Consisting of an executive board room called the Manta Ray Room, and two adjacent conference/meeting/training rooms called Stingray Room and Eagle Ray Room, the 2,434 sf complexes, are designed with fully equipped reception, kitchen and storage and courtyard breakout extension with tables, chairs and shade overlooking the beautiful water fountain in an elegant courtyard setting.

The conference centre is furnished and equipped with the latest audio visual and video conferencing capabilities along with the usual aids including wireless internet.

The centre is conveniently suited for use by existing tenants, but is also available for booking by others in need of the facilities. Bookings may be made for any length of time including half days and portions may be reserved separately.

Such conference facilities are not in ready supply in the business district down town capital of George Town.

The centre, within walking distance of the Courts, will be ideally suited for use by the legal, mediation, arbitration sectors as for all general types of meetings catering for 25 to 50 persons.

Limited on-site parking is available.

Manta Ray Room

Our executive boardroom seats up to 14 people around an elegant boardroom table and features:

  • High definition video conferencing via the Polycom system over IP and ISDN
  • Room Presence Real life video conferencing with echo cancellation and feedback suppression
  • Video conferencing via Skype
  • Presentations via PC or BluRay to either 70” LED HD TV or 119” projection screen
  • Surface-mounted power/data connections
  • Ceiling-mounted speakers and projector

Eagle Ray Room

The Eagle Ray Room seats up to 12-29 people (configuration dependent)

  • Presentations via PC or BluRay to either 70” LED HD TV or 133” projection screen
  • Wall-mounted power/data connections
  • Ceiling-mounted speakers and projector

Stingray Room

The Stingray Room seats up to 16-29 people (configuration dependent), and features:

  • Presentations via PC or BluRay to 119” projection screen
  • Wall-mounted power/data connections
  • Ceiling-mounted speakers and projector

The Stingray Room can also be joined with the Eagle Ray Room to form a larger theatre room with capacity for up to 49 people.