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About Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands that collectively make up the Cayman Islands. Approximately 60,000 people reside in this modern tropical metropolis that has attained an enviable level of affluence and sophistication.

This island itself is comprised of five districts, each with its own personality and attractions. The capital of the country is George Town, which is the commercial and governmental center of the island. The downtown area includes the cruise ship port, fine duty-free retail establishments, the Legislative Assembly building, and the Courthouse.

The Cayman Islands is the sixth largest international financial center in the world in terms of both banking and financial services. In 2009, the Cayman Islands were internationally recognized by the Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) as a white-listed Country : cooperating on harmful tax or criminal practices. Staunchly loyal to the crown, the people of the Cayman Islands have created a stable commercial centre unequalled in the world.

Seven Mile Beach

With excellent transportation and telecommunications links to the world, a government and people friendly to business, excellent laws and judiciary, regulations and regulatory bodies governing international business done from the Islands, sparkling beaches, crystal clear water, and lush tropical foliage make the Cayman Islands an ideal place to do business. 

These factors make Cayman the jurisdiction of choice for international companies and organizations.